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Background by Lirim K. (Albanian Patterns)
More info about the Elbasan script on wikipedia

I would like to thank everyone who shared this page and in this way spread the word about Elbasanscript. That is also the purpose of this.

Unfortunately I had to realize that this was also done by people and pages, behind whose content and opinions I can not stand.

Lately, there have been more links from pages with hateful, right-wing extremist and fascist content, such as this guy using nazi codes (HH & 88) and the flag of the fascist party of Albania:

This site is for the interest of Albanian culture and history, not to divide or spread hatred!

Albanians and Albanian society is diverse. Not only, but also politically. It is and has never been my goal to spread or support hatred among Albanians and also to others.

I distance myself explicitly from hate-filled content of these people and pages and stand with them also in no connection!

I regret the political appropriation of the Elbasanscript. Especially by hateful, fascist and right-wing extremist people. The history of Albanian nationalism was inclusive and should remain so in a democratic society.